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Incredible Cranberry Orange Dressing

Happy December everyone! Phew! I’ve got to tell you it’s been a busy few weeks here and it’s about to get even crazier. Anyone else got a super-packed month (haha that is kind of trick question)? Honestly, it feels like summer just ended and here we are writing out Christmas lists and watching as our evening and weekend calendars get loaded up with social engagements and festive outings.

哇。让我只是惊叹片刻,屏住呼吸。That’s betterIn the craziness, I missed that my last post was indeed theIPOM的第100篇文章,,,,and now I am excited to get started with the next 100, starting withthis truly beautiful and shockingly delicious salad dressing!Here goes #101….I was recently introduced to this after stumbling across the original哦,她发光食谱随机(我什至不记得我被卖掉的地方!)。我必须将主要道具交给安吉拉OSG为此,当我爱上这一惊人的创作时,我一直在高跟鞋。

Honestly, what could be more wonderful than bright cranberries to brighten our dinner plates and bring zest and zing to a bowl of fresh winter greens? The combination here of sweet and sour isnothing short of wonderfuland I can tell you I’ve now made it no less than 10 times since I discovered it. I even substituted blueberries in place of the cranberries for a purple colour and deeper, sweeter flavour. So there. It’s amazingand多才多艺的。说够了。Incredible Cranberry Orange Dressing | IPOM

Incredible Cranberry Orange Dressing:

(1) cup frozen or fresh cranberries (can also use blueberries for variation)
(1/4) cup maple syrup
(1/4) cup apple cider vinegar
(1/2) cup orange juice
(1/4) cup good olive oil
(1) tbsp Dijon mustard
(1/2) tsp salt


Allow the cranberry mixture to cool a little while you add the remaining ingredients to the blender. Add the cranberry mixture to the blender when a little cool and blend all until you get a silky and beautiful emulsion of goodness (YUM). Transfer the mixture to a jar and refrigerate to cool – this will keep in the fridge for a good while, but this will not be a problem! I’ll share with you in an upcoming post my current favourite salad. I’ve enjoyed it many times since I stumbled upon this dressing and it so good I’ve got share it.

Yes, it does involve kale & brussels sprouts,naturally,而且,您还会看到还有什么使我的饭菜变得如此生动活泼。Incredible Cranberry Orange Dressing | IPOM

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  1. 哦,好吧……我的嘴在浇水。等不及要尝试这种调味料。当我阅读食谱时,我在厨房里的成分上滴答了滴答!感谢您的另一个创意(和美味的)食谱!

  2. 这种调味料很漂亮!颜色和质地看起来很完美!这将是夏季的完美敷料,现在当然也是!我通常去吃较轻的敷料,所以这将是完美的!

  3. Shira,这听起来很棒,我一定会尝试的。但是我不得不承认,我们经常只用一些美妙的香醋淋上沙拉,有时还有一些奇妙的醋,例如无花果或梨,根本不使用油。除了那个异端,当我一个人一个人时,我就不会制作沙拉来获取蔬菜,而是只能在带有其他一堆其他蔬菜和水果的盘子上清洗和吃生菜。我的RAW版本。

    1. I’m with you and adore a good balsamic and nothing else – but it has to be really good or it can be a little much for me! I hope you do try this – it is a winner!

  4. Love this! Great recipe you found! The colors are gorgeous. I love cranberries too. I have a recipe over a quinoa salad that I made a cranberry and balsamic reduction dressing with. So yummy! I love this one!

  5. You’ve gotta be kidding me, our costco has a kale and brussel sprouts prepacked salad that was so cheap I had to buy it yesterday. But the dressing that comes in the package has egg, lots of sugar and oil so of course that was going to get tossed out. I’ve been wondering what I’m going to pair it with… I see apples and perhaps an orange beet???? Can’t wait for your salad recipe and your cookie recipe, in the meantime, I may roast a sweet potato to go over my salad! Oh and congrats on the 100 posts babe! xx

    1. Thanks girl! I can’t wait to share this salad combo with you Somer!! It sounds like me and you are on the same wave-length again For you I’ll share early if you want to email me – wouldn’t want to wait too long since you’ve got the goods!! XO

  6. 哇!101个帖子!去Shira,去Shira…恭喜我有史以来第一个博客的芽!这是下一个100。

    Oh – and thanks for subbing in the blueberries for me (I’m sure it was just for my benefit). Cranberries aren’t so easy to find in our neck of the woods.

  7. I was just about to bookmark this for another day because I didn’t have cranberries but I’m going to sub blueberries and make this tonight. Thanks for the tip Shira!

  8. 我有一个问题:将所有敷料的所有成分混合在一起,而不是先用醋加热浆果等,这不是很简单吗?

    2nd question: is your family going to Whistler for the holidays?

    luv, mum

  9. 哦啦啦!我想尽快尝试。我不使用油,所以我不知道它是否对我有用,也许有些浸泡过的腰果代替了油……看起来很漂亮!快乐100!

  10. Even the color is so appetizing! I think apple cider vinegar makes a lot of difference, I recently starting using it and I love it.
    P.S: I also need to take a look in here to see how I can use my bag of quinoa..

    1. Yes Villy – there are some great quinoa recipes in the archives, I’d love to know if you try any of them! Your salad sounds incredible – I will have to watch for that! Thank you!

  11. 爱你的假日天赋,Shira-I不可违逆的tangy honey peanut sauce fan when it comes to salad dressings, but this might come in close once I get a chance to try it (it looks absolutely delectable)!

  12. 你知道我Shira,一种色拉怪胎。不过,这件调味料!天啊!从来没有见过喜欢的人,但是您可以打赌我会的!您在这里有多少空间来供“百胜”?(考虑到它!)xx

  13. I have a similar recipe from Gratefulprayerthankfulheart but decided to try yours for a little change
    Delicious and I love your blog and all your yummy recipes. I’ll be back for more for sure!

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