Fresh Tarragon New Potato Salad

Last weekend I returned home from a 5 day business trip, blissfully happy to be home, and ready to spend the weekend puttering in the kitchen and creating — pretty much my favorite pastime, so long as the tunes are good and I’ve gotten the exercise portion of the day squared away (the better for my mood). Of course there was one thing that needed doing first before anything else though, and that was of course to re-stock the fridge (the husband keeps it especially lean in my absence, just ask the girls,OY合租)。

有几个NSF倡议和想法挥之不去的雷达,我decided to hit the local Farmer’s Market, with one goal in mind: to see just what $15 would get me. I’ve talked a fair bit on the blog about ways to simplify our food choices, and how keeping our variety to a minimum on shopping trips can help keep the bounty high while keeping the hit to the pocketbook low (or lower). And it’s true it can be done…turns out $15 spent wisely can set the stage for a pretty healthy & satisfying array of recipes – starting with this fresh potato salad. This is not to say it is super easy, but with a little effort, planning and restraint, a little actually can go a lot farther than we might think.

So stay tuned for the next few posts, as they will feature recipes inspired by a weekend trip to the market: here we utilize freshly harvested potatoes, green onions, fresh tarragon & bell pepper from the local market and add a simple vinaigrette to fancy it all up. A fantastic celebration of summer, when fresh herbs make anything they touch sing with their own unique offering of taste & smell. Dressed simply, this salad is just the ticket to sidle up beside any green salad and protein dish.


(3) green onions, chopped
(1) small yellow bell pepper, minced
(2-3) tablespoons freshly chopped tarragon leaves
Fresh parsley for garnish
Freshly ground black pepper & salt if desired

Shallot Vinaigrette ~ adapted fromBon Appetit

(1) shallot, peeled & minced
(2) tbsp fresh lemon juice
(1/2) tsp salt, or to taste

首先,通过在罐子中将葱,柠檬汁,醋和盐结合在一起来准备醋。放置土豆做饭时静置20分钟。20分钟后,加入橄榄油并摇动以结合。放置直到准备使用。这种敷料可以提前做,并且坐着的时间越长,我很高兴在我当前的版本中找到此版本Bon Appetitas I’ve been enjoying a similar dressing with added cumin and a little sweetener. Perfection.

要准备蔬菜,只需将土豆切成两半,或者将土豆切成一半,或者对于大的四分之一(这可以是您的偏爱)。将土豆与足够的水混合在中等锅中,只盖上盖子,然后在盖子部分上煮沸。沸腾后,将热量倒下以保持稳定的滚动沸腾,并用盖子部分打开煮熟,直到土豆柔软为止 - 大约8-10分钟,具体取决于您的切割方式。准备好后,将漏勺排在漏勺中,放置4-5分钟以冷却。清洗并切碎胡椒粉,绿色洋葱和龙蒿,放在一旁。

To prepare the salad for serving, pour the dressing into the bottom of the mixing bowl (you can use a portion or all of it here). Add the warm potatoes and gently stir to combine. Toss in the chopped veggies and stir again gently. Transfer to a serving bowl and top with lots of fresh black pepper & optional salt if desired.



Tarragon New Potato Salad | In Pursuit Of More
Tarragon New Potato Salad | In Pursuit Of More

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  1. 我只是想弹出,让您知道我真的很喜欢您的博客。我喜欢您的照片和布局。而且您的食谱听起来opebet是什么名称很美味!一直关注一段时间,但只是想我会告诉你!

  2. I can relate – exercise comes first thing in the morning to get it out of the way (and to get the day kicked off right) and then some dreaming (as I’m eating breakfast…) about what I’ll be making in the kitchen – – good tunes a must!

    我正在挖掘这种沙拉在锅中加热的香料和酸辣酱 - 哇。

    1. 我认为我们相当像安妮(Annie) - 我和你在一起 - 没有什么比一碗温暖的蔬菜和一些酸辣酱那样。星期五快乐的朋友!xx

  3. Shira,这听起来很棒。迫不及待地想到我有时间做饭。我已经准备好房子投放市场,明天我们将开设第一家开放日。所以我吃了很多生食。

    Have a great weekend,


  4. 好吧,这看起来绝对是完美的!那种沙拉的敷料就像我理想的敷料(我能正确消化的唯一醋是ACV),而土豆和其他蔬菜则如此完美地融合在一起。如此明亮,快乐,非常适合夏天!

    1. Totally! I am with you and sort of prefer ACV – though I can have others too – this dressing is so good!

  5. Shira,,,,this is absolutely beautiful! Sounds scrumptious and just about right for our pocketbook. Heading to the farms with my mama today. She’s taking our family pictures – likely in front of lovely growing things and clucking ones. Have a wonderful weekend with your family!

    1. I hope you enjoyed the trip to the market Ashley! Jealous that you get to spend time with Spree Love to you all!

  6. Beautiful Salad Shira! I absolutely adore tarragon and have a bit growing in my herb garden. The farmers market challenge has been on my mind after reading Allison’s challenge at This Homemade Life of spending $10 at the Market- you both have inspired me to take on that Challenge next week! The Farmers Markets are a big part of my Summer and Fall- visits made weekly to two different Markets are what I look forward too during the summer season

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