I had a great conversation the other day with a good creative friend of mine. This person is a songwriter, and music is a passion – I should say a fairly prominent and driving passion in this person’s life. As with all creative folks from time to time, my dear friend is currently struggling with a writer’s block, a long and seemingly endless drought of inspiration, and is, as you can imagine, feeling sad and (just a little)沮丧的。

I am sure this sounds familiar to many of you, as no matter what those passionate endeavours are that we pursue to keep us sane, there are always times when the inspiration just不流动. When our ideas are tapped and we feel like we’ve lost it. When we are blank. I know it is true for me, as there are times when the only thing I can do is precisely what I advised my dearest pal to do:get out and live.

Whatever drives our passions or sets our hearts on fire, can only be stoked and kept thriving by the gentle prodding that is the rhythm of living, and of experience. Those times when we are empty just (IMO) means we are due for a rest. And after rest comes new experiences. New visions. New landscapes & new sounds & smells & tastes & feelings. New people in our lives. Whatever it is that we are called to experience & absorb & filter back out to the world with our own personal touch added. Those are the things that fill us back up, and give our minds things to process and our hearts new feelings to feel.

正是生活和以我们最好的能力来实现我们的能力。我很想听听你们在干旱之后做些什么来加油,因为我一直在玩新想法!因此,我们正在冒险 - 我们的家人将在周末前往俄勒冈州,在那里我们将在波特兰登陆几天,然后参观海岸和海滩。这会很短,但有时就是全部。期待所有时间吸收。

Here is a simple yet delicious salad combo from our epic shared meal last week. Warning: it seems like the type of salad anyone could make, and it is. It just happens to be completely delicious too! Especially if you are a dill fan


(1) head red leaf lettuce, washed and torn (or 2 giant handfuls of spring greens)
(1) beet, peeled & grated
(1/2-1) cup cherry tomatoes, washed & halved


(1/4) cup olive oil
black pepper as desired

首先,烤南瓜种子在前5分钟heated cast iron pan or in the oven at 350 degrees until fragrant and turning brown (they will start to pop and that is when they are done). Remove the seeds to a bowl to cool while you prepare the rest of the salad.

在沙拉碗中,将生菜撕成咬大小的碎片,然后将其全部扔进。用磨碎的甜菜,莳萝,樱桃番茄和羊乳酪将沙拉撒上。在一个小碗中将调味料搅拌在一起 - 这将是使用香脂奶油的奇妙混合物 - 我强烈建议您在此食谱中采购它,因为它在此食谱中很棒(小挤压厚的厚香脂 - 大约7-8-7-8$在大多数商店中)。如果您使用香醋,我建议一汤匙糖左右以使敷料变稠并变甜。


This recipe will serve 4-6 hungry folks depending on what else it is served with. We enjoyed it with the玉米沙拉from the last post and a hearty veggie-loaded frittata. With amazing bread too of course I am sure this would be just as epic with some of that tofu feta I’ve seen around the blog world and have yet to try. All you adventurous vegan friends of mine I’d love to hear if you try it that way!


  1. Hello lovely Shira! – I’ve never been to Portland, but I hear it is a creative hub. I’d love to visit. One day, perhaps.

    我觉得我至少已经陷入了灵感干旱已经几年了,只是才刚刚开始找到我的下一条道路。我没有答案!好吧,也许一个 - 忠于自己。


  2. 我有所有这些成分,现在想做这个!但是我有一个愚蠢的问题。您是煮甜菜吗?还是将其磨碎?我从来没有吃过生菜……

  3. i’ve never had beet raw in a salad. i must try it. once again, gorgeous salad


  4. 嗨,Shira,
    Saw this salad on your instagram feed and had to come check it out. . totally going to make this! I love everything you have in here and I have been obsessed with pumpkin seeds and sunflower nuts. Love what you said here, “Whatever drives our passions or sets our hearts on fire, can only be stoked and kept thriving by the gentle prodding that is the rhythm of living, and of experience.” . .. how do I fuel up? running, talking walks. . getting outside and some fresh air. . sometimes that’s all you need to recharge, at least for me. Thanks for this lovely post and awesome salad! can’t wait to try it!

    1. Thanks Alice! So happy to have you share with us! I am the same as you and find fresh air to be a godsend — couldn’t live without it!! So glad to have you by

  5. What a great combination of flavors! I love raw beet but tend to forget about it for months on end for some reason. Must get back on the salad wagon!

    1. 谢谢Gabby!我们很开心!香脂“克雷马”是您可以购买的较厚的挤压物品……大多数熟食店或全食物都会拥有它 - 天才!Sweet, but concentrated that a little goes a long way Enjoy!

    1. Amazing Anna! I’ve always loved dill too and finally found a way to enjoy it in a lovely quantity — and I am with you, I LOVE the colors of this combo!

  6. i love that much fresh dill in the salad. i can imagine the burst with every bite:)
    我不知道如何摆脱困境。I just start to get very irritated and depressed, so i try to find something else to keep me busy, something completely different and usually while searching for something lse to do, things start to flow again if not then hubbs has to come up with ideas for me:)

    1. 里奇!You are so right about spouses and how helpful they can be I also love your thoughts about being busy…..it seems that action of any kind can always help us get back on track – we just never know when it will happen!

  7. Delicious!made it a full meal: I added some just tender farmers market new potatoes and 3 boiled eggs, for protein. Both quartered.

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