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Japanese Lunchbox Salad

Hey all! Great to be back after a little blogging break and a sweet few days with family both away and here at home. Last week we drove down to Portland, which from here in Vancity is about a 6 hour drive — something we as a family love to do together. Road trips are one of those things we look back on later in life and always remember with fondness, much like a lot of our life experiences that at the time seem just ordinary, right? We love the open road, the conversations, and the unexpected finds along the way. Music, sunshine & wind in our hair. Being together. Small space & closeness.

After last year’s epic family holiday in France, this summer is all about the little things for us. Little trips, closer places, smaller costs. Staying at home if we feel like it and just lounging with our feet up on the table and a glass of wine (or a green juice ;)) and a good book in our hand. Summer is like that.我们爱它的每一分钟。

After we returned from our little 3 night trip, I took the rest of the week to staycation with the girls here at the cosy homestead. I didn’t blog, or really do too much other than fiddle in the kitchen with my favourite records on and just enjoy spending time being with the ones I love in this world the most. My kids won’t be young forever and I don’t want to look back and realize I didn’t do enough with them any day soon….or EVER for that matter. Time is precious, don’t ever forget that. I seem to be more keenly aware of that than ever these days as my girls get bigger and my heart grows ever more.

I’ll be posting a few more shots & notes on the places we hit on our travels soon, but for today let’s get to this fantastic new recipe shall we? Of course no trip to Portland would be complete without a little sojourn into theCity of Books- 和Powell’s Booksin the heart of downtown Portland is one of those places I think any book lover could easily camp in for a week, it’sthat awesome. Of course, after warming up with a few teaser sections, I parked myself squarely in the overloaded cookbook aisles and (after very careful contemplation and much-needed restraint) walked away with a couple new treasures that I’ve already christened with plenty of fresh oil stains & bright yellow highlighter and pen marks – just the way I like it. This recipe is adapted from a newMoosewood Collective book, one of the most dependable sources for delightful vegetarian recipe & salad ideas I’ve ever come across (they have many fantastic books out there).

Here, we see a collection of favourite ingredients come together with a Japanese twist – perfect for those who are still shy to try rolling sushi, but love the tastes & textures of the foods that come with it. Here, we have it all before you in our favourite food format ever. SALAD. But of course my friends!

  • (1) cup dry short grain brown rice
  • (1 3/4) cups cold water
  • (1) cup carrots, grated or cut in matchsticks (or spiralized as I did here!)
  • (1) cup cherry tomatoes, halved
  • (1)成熟的鳄梨,立方体
  • (1) sheet Nori
  • (1)食谱Lemon Ginger Dressing (below)
  • (1) pound firm tofu, baked or seasoned (recipe below)
  • (1)食谱Marinated Kale
  • (2) tbsp vegetable oil
  • (2)登月舱汤匙on juice
  • (1) tbsp soy sauce
  • (1) tbsp dry sherry (optional but good if you have it)
  • (1) tbsp grated ginger root

These instructions are assuming you have the tofu & the kale ready to go, but if you are planning to enjoy this through the week, having these two at the ready is a great way to have a meal for one or two in a few short minutes. You could also make these two in the morning to be on hand for dinner that night.


To assemble, simply arrange all of the prepared ingredients except the avocado, Nori, and the dressing, together as you like in a bowl, or use smaller amounts to make a single portion and save the rest in a container or in separate baggies for later in the week. Toss everything together with the dressing just before serving and top with cubes of avocado & toasted Nori.

Baked Tofu:
  • (1) pound block firm tofu
  • (1-2)汤匙芝麻油
  • (2) tbsp soy sauce
  • (2)TBSP番茄酱

烤箱加热到400度。把豆腐切成bite-sized cubes and place in an unoiled baking dish big enough to hold the tofu in a single layer. Stir together the oil, soy sauce & ketchup and use a spatula to coat the tofu cubes well. Bake for 30 – 40 minutes or so, turning here and there until the tofu is firm, browned & chewy. Remove from the oven to cool.

Feel free to adapt this recipe as much or as little as you like, and the ingredients here are really just guidelines. If you like plain tofu, this would be a really easy way to put this together, but if you (like me) like to bake it and have it on hand, then this tasty version of baked tofu is worth a try. Of course, there is also the option of your favorite pre-seasoned or smoked tofu that you can buy in your favorite store as well. I included myMarinated Kale这里的食谱是为了好玩的,真是太棒了,但是在捏中,这种敷料肯定足够强大,您也可以轻松使用任何新鲜的蔬菜。

30 responses to “Japanese Lunchbox Salad

  1. 哦,!我想我今晚会做这个!看来我梦到的那种沙拉:)。
    Would never have thought to use ketchup to make the baked tofu…I bet my 6 year old will love the flavor profile going on there since he is some what of a ketchup-o-holic!

    My family and I love road tripping too! We often head to the Bay Area which is about a 6-7 hour drive from us in San Clemente. I get a little giddy every time we are about to embark on family road trip.


    1. A pleasure Rhonda – so glad to hear from a fellow road trip fanatic! I look so forward to each and every one.
      I hope your little one enjoys the tofu — it is quite tasty! XO

  2. i was hoping you’d post this recipe soon! it looks so so good, and not too much prep work(especially since i don’t eat tofu). i’m still afraid of making my own sushi, so this is perfect!

  3. Hey ho lovely S!

    Love the images of your colourful salad. I’m just a tad partial to Japanese-influenced flavours, so this sounds particularly yummy! What I’m really jealous about is your spiraliser thingamajig. THAT, I would love!


    1. Yes J – isn’t the spiralizer thingy awesome?! This is a winner – you would love it! Hugs back to you XO

  4. I made the original from Moosewood, oh, a long time ago – and loved it. Thank you for reminding me about it and adding your touches. Looks mouthwatering!

    Glad you enjoyed your break :-).

  5. I love making sushi salads but I think this is my favourite version! I love that its not super based on rice and the tofu and marinated kale must make it so flavourful! Much more so than my simple edamame and braggs version

    Can’t wait to hear about your adventures in Portland. I am just dying to go!!

  6. Beautiful Salad Shira- I love your focus this summer, little trips and plenty of time well spent with family! I have been on the fence about a spiralizer, those zucchini noodles always catch my eye – the tofu cubes look good enough to eat on their own!

  7. Just made this and it was delish!!! I added sliced radishes cause I had them in the fridge and they added a nice little pop of color!


  8. I made this for dinner the other night (without the rice) and it was so good I am making it again today for lunch. I kept thinking about how delicious it was. Thank you!


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