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Baked Tofu & Brussels Sprout Soba With A Miso Lime Dressing

简单是最终的复杂性。Leonardo Da Vinci

Hey everyone! Hope you guys are all well and thriving in the season that is upon us, isn’t it crazy to conceive that Christmas is right around the corner, after what sort of seems like the longest summer ever? Oy. I tell you, I do not know where the time goes. Well, actually wait,I totally do.

We’ve been enjoying a rather gorgeous patch of weather here in Vancouver, which, after torrential rains the past few weeks, has been a welcome way to enjoy the fall and all that comes with it. I’ve been taking some time to connect (like really connect) with some of the things I really happen to love. Things that get forgotten or pushed to the side when that silly old ‘I’m too busy’ mentality sets in (darned mentalities). I’m not gonna lie, I get asked a lot, the ‘how do you do it’ question comes at me frequently as I juggle work life and family (the priorities) alongside blogging & working on Not So Fast among other things like fitness, gardening and basics, like getting the hairs on my head cut or stocking & cleaning the fridge.

好吧,用两个词回答?这很难。有些事情被错过了,绝对不应该接受,但与此同时,我们每个人都可以清楚地定义什么isis not在我们自己的日常生活中可以接受。因此,随着近期生活的变化,还有一些额外的时间。我一点点时间很多more time for the things I love (hello priorities). I’ve realized that I need to adopt more aggressively (that should sort of read more gently) the very principles I try to embody right here on this site.

Stillness. Quiet. Less of that white noise that can clutter our minds. Time for oneself to listen to the soul. If any of you reading out there know what I mean, I’d love to hear if you’re ready to step aside a little, and what measures you might be taking to get there, because it takes work, albeit of a wholeother比认为我们“太忙”的那个。发短信的少一点,少一些强迫性的电话检查(是的,我几乎是最糟糕的),还有更多的外部时间,专注于呼吸,现在和现在。我最近听到了一项研究,这表明普通人检查他们的智能手机每天110次。If you add up the time we spend scrolling through the various channels we check when the average person hits their phone then you can imagine how the minutes can add up. Minutes taken away from both这里现在。

那些古老的词是如此强大,希望我们70年代所生的我们的孩子永远不会忘记我们父母当时正在阅读和吸收的东西:Be Here Now。So with that, I’m revelling in a few things, one of them being fall flavours and the return of the classics, like saying hello when my husband walks in the door and sitting on the couch with a good song and a blanket wrapped around my legs. With the arrival of the crisp fall air out went the fresh local berries and the cold fruity smoothies, and in came the brussels sprouts,pomegranates, and warmth. Warmer stews and pots of lentils. Lots and lots of extra long cuddles with the little one and hot peppermint tea at night.

Here’s a lovely salad that is perfect for the season. Just enough warmth to fill up a hungry tummy, yet still light enough to enjoy as a cold leftover salad. I find noodles just never get tired, and neither do my sprouts. Enjoy! xx

  • (30) brussels sprouts, trimmed and halved
  • (1)汤匙橄榄油
  • (1)豆腐,立方体
  • (1/4) cup soy sauce
  • (1) package soba noodles (I prefer kamut or spelt)
  • (1)婴儿玉米可以
  • (1)束新鲜的香菜,切碎
  • (1) bunch scallions, minced
  • (3)汤匙白味o
  • (1/2)杯橄榄油
  • (1/4) cup fresh lime juice
  • (1)TBSP石灰皮
  • (1) tbsp sugar (optional)
  • (1)TSP Sambal Oelek
  • (1/4) cup water


Once you’ve got the sprouts in the oven, cube the tofu and lay it on a separate baking sheet. Pour the soy sauce over top and toss the cubes of tofu gently until they are well covered in the sauce. Add the tofu pan to the oven and cook with the sprouts, tossing the tofu every ten minutes to see that all sides get cooked. The tofu should be well baked at the 25-minute mark, and ideally (depending on your oven) they can be removed at the same time. Once ready, remove the baked tofu and the cooked sprouts to a bowl to cool slightly.

虽然豆芽和豆腐发酵,pot of water to boil and add the noodles when boiling. Cooking the noodles according to package directions. While the noodles cook, chop the cilantro & scallions and drain the baby corns. Combine the dressing ingredients and blend or whisk until well incorporated (a hand blender works perfectly for this).


将可选的额外香菜作为装饰,也许是芝麻油或芝麻种子的毛毛雨,也许是一些额外的sambal oelek。大量的黑胡椒也是一个好主意。保留在冰箱中,这个可爱的组合将持续几天,并加热了一些额外的酱油。

16 responses to “Baked Tofu & Brussels Sprout Soba With A Miso Lime Dressing

  1. Oh boy, this is why I don’t have a smart phone, & hope I never will. I WOULD be *one of those* who checks it over 100 times a day. And I just can’t have that sort of distraction as a mom with young kids. I like being able to compartmentalize (a little) with reserving all social media stuff to computer (& on rare occasions, my nook).


    (&一如既往地喜欢您简单,美味的食物方法 - 绝对是我的风格。)

    1. 很棒的女士,我和你在一起!我的孩子长大了(其中一个拥有自己的智能手机),而且很难,但是很重要!我希望我可以将所有媒体放到计算机上(le叹气)!

  2. You calm approach to the busy everyday life is inspiring (as always) I think I use that word more than any other word when commenting on your posts!! HA! This meal…looks..so…GOOD! OH my goodness. I love everything included! Have a fabulous weekend, enjoy the weather!! It’s been WONDERFUL in my area too!

    1. 好吧,你是一个鼓舞人心的小姐布里特 - 我希望我能像你一样微笑和奔跑。我正在研究它的女孩!您是最好的 - 我们很幸运!

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