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素食向日葵pâté +花园之旅

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This recipe has really been a long time coming on the blog, with 100% thanks to my mom, who never fails to adequately prepare for a visit from her kids with a freshly made pan of this delicious vegan pâté (among other delicious goodies, including her famous frozen brownies). Every time I visit her, I realize once again how good this recipe is – and one so indispensable it will save you a little cash if you tend to buy these types of things (which can be pricey in the stores, and bless those who are producing these great products). The base recipe is easily customizable, so feel free to try it once and then shake it up with added fresh herbs, fresh garlic or minced fresh jalapeno, or even mushrooms for added flavour. I like it plain jane, leaving the variety to the toppings on my sandwich or the goodies in my salad bowl – but hey, once you ace it, have fun with it and make it your own!

This pâté makes a great base for a super tasty and filling sandwich, loaded with garden fresh veggies inspired by a traipse through my parent’s lush garden or a trip to the farmer’s market. I love visiting my folks in the summer – and this year they surprised us with the new addition of a well built garden greenhouse, perfect for growing lush supplies of juicy red tomatoes (my absolute favourite). This time of year my folks meals are dictated by what is ready to pick: green beans, kale, zucchini, green peppers, cucumbers, peas, beets and potatoes are just a few of the organic goodies you can find growing there right now. Add to that the slew of ripe blackberries dripping from what seems like every gravel road corner, not to mention the stone-milled sourdough bakery across the street – and I’d say it’s a pretty good place to homestead. It’s a darned good thing then that they’ve been at it there for over forty years – and while the long trip means I only go back a few times a year, it will forever be that this little piece of property in the Gulf Islands of BC holds a special & sacred place in my heart.
We just returned from a quick visit as part of our week long getaway, and as always I’ve returned with my mom’s freshly dried garden mint, too many pics to properly edit, and loads of fresh inspiration, starting with this indispensable recipe for your new favourite pâté. Add a little to a bowl of raw or steamed veggies, smash it onto your favourite crackers, or use it in a sandwich like we did here.
Vegan Sunflower Pâté:

1/2 cup nutritional yeast
3 Tablespoons Bragg’s or soy sauce
1 packed cup coarsely grated potato (squeeze out wetness)
1 1/4杯水
1/3 cup olive oil


Combine all of the ingredients well with your hands, until the mixture is evenly incorporated. Pour into the oiled baking pan and bake for 45 minutes, then remove from the oven and allow to cool. You can enjoy this freshly baked while still warm, or let it cool to room temperature. It’s great refrigerated for up to a week and freezes well too.

Vegan Sunflower Pâté
素食向日葵pâté +花园之旅
I always feel that sunflower seeds are a bit of an unsung hero in the nut/protein world. They are still incredibly budget friendly while other nuts and seeds have sky-rocketed in price. Sunflower seeds are high in protein and calcium, and can be much more digestible than other nuts like almonds or macadamias (two of my faves that I find a little tough to digest). You can still pick up a giant bag of these highly nutritious gems for less than $10, and they’ll go far. They make decent milks too, which are best enjoyed fresh, as I find sunflower seed milk can quickly turn bitter. Just keep them in your freezer for this recipe alone, you’ll be glad you have them!
Vegan Sunflower Pâté

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  1. I am making this today because it will go beautifully with the garden fresh tomatoes I have, sought dough bread, avocado and a side of fresh green beans and red peppers. I wanted to know would it be possible to share a FULL day of eats–breakfast, lunch , dinner and snacks, if any, periodically. I know I would find it to be extremely helpful as well as enjoyable. It shouldn’t need to be anything but what you do regularly because the best food is simple and the most tasty. Btw, the garden is so beautiful!!!!

  2. 一切看起来和听起来都很美味!!!我一生中需要这些食物。非常感谢您的分享,我等不及要尝试了。花园照片很棒。一个出色的挽救生命目标,要努力……非常感谢您的爱和分享我们触手可及的许多自然礼物的方式。

  3. 那些西红柿很棒!我的天哪,那个花园里有一小块魔术。我能理解为什么这个地方握住您的心,Shira。我喜欢一个好的葵花籽菜,而且这种成分恰到好处 - 不太挑剔,听起来很美味!X

    1. 谢谢乔迪!这只是我需要的休息 - 希望渡轮不会永远花!这个佩特是经典的,不会出错!XO

  4. Made this today. I was a little more liberal with salt and pepper than your recipe suggested (personal preference) and the end result was delicious! Thank you so much! I ate this with some of the italian chickpea bread I made yesterday. That’s another thank you. That bread is delicious and it is a nice carrier for this recipe.

    1. 很棒的丽莎,很高兴听到!我喜欢这个食谱,因为它非常容易适应。听起来像是一个了不起的组合!


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