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The trouble is, you think you have time.

I’m so excited to share this recipe not just because it’s delicious, but because it also comes to us courtesy of my precious eldest daughter. She created this tasty snack while ‘chilling’ in preparation for a much-anticipated flight to England yesterday. Yes! It’s hard to believe就在昨天my little 20-year-old kid departed on her very own to start an epic adventure, one that her family – along with our close friends and extended family too – here at home couldn’t be more excited about. She’s gone to the UK to be with her love, a move that’s been 3 months in the making and first germinated on our family trip to France last summer. The anticipation of her departure has been killing us these past 3 months (not to mention her and her love as they were separated), and I’m grateful that she very kindly left us with full hearts and a tasty recipe that I now get to share with you.

These ‘Blondies’ are perfect for snacking on or as a clean dessert, they are full of healthy-ish ingredients that fill the void but still feel good in the belly once they’ve gone down. Nik perfected these with at least 4 or 5 batches these last two weeks as her unemployed self both finished school and prepped for the trip ahead ~ I was happy to oblige as a recipe tester, and if there was ever a time to eat my feelings, well, this was it! We’ve now had more than a few variations, each one just as tasty as the one before. Use maple syrup or coconut sugar or even honey to sweeten but if you can, do try to avoid the refined white stuff here (cause nobody needs that). We’ve been making a very concerted effort to avoid refined white sugars in our house lately, and a recent pantry purge ensured that the cupboards are stocked with only pure sweets, as we don’t eat many and when we do – the pure stuff is just so much more satisfying on so many levels. It’s just one little thing we can do, especially within the confines of our four walls.

Enjoy these super yummy treats, and if you’ve young ones give them an extra squeeze today. The time with our babies can seem slow at times, but looking back today at this process I’m reminded of one of my favourite quotes, which can apply to all of us, not just those of us with children: ‘The days are long but the years are short’ – words that feel bittersweet to me as I write this, a grown woman both excited for more freedom and space here at home, and also nostalgic for the years I’ve now got tucked in my sacred treasury of memories. I love it all, truly, I really do. Love to all.


1 cup nut butter
1 egg
1/2 cup maple syrup/coconut sugar/ honey (coconut sugar works best!)
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 cup dark chocolate chips or raw cocoa nibs



  1. 这些看起来很美味,健康,总是一个很好的待遇组合!我正在用格式建议写作:当食谱打印时,您可以包括您的名字和/或列的名称吗?我更喜欢有归因,您也应该得到它!(是的,我在印刷版本上手写,但是当我们分享时,您也应该得到承认)

  2. 希拉, I completely understand “eating your feelings” while your daughter is set to leave on her adventure. I have one that is 20 and one that is 26. The 26 year old has come and gone several times, and thankfully now resides about an hour away. But… she’s got wanderlust, so after she finishes her RN she’ll be off again I’m sure. My 20 year old is an hour and half away and she talks of long anticipated adventures after school. I’m sure I’ll be eating my feelings again soon. Ha! But they always come home eventually, and what a wonderful mom you are to give her such a special life gift. I’m absolutely making these treats this weekend! This is perfect and I love that it includes alternative sweetener to the white stuff. Delicious Wishes, Karista

    1. Thanks for the lovely note Karista! It’s amazing going through it for the first time and seeing how each person in the family handles it. I’m sure it must get easier!

  3. These really look yummy. I agree that the years go quickly when our babies are growing up. My baby is way over six feet tall and working on his college degree.

    I think I will try these on his next trip home. Thanks for sharing.


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